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Moist heat sterilization


STERISERVICES choose since 2011 to develop a sterilization offer in the moist heat.

  We are so capable of proposing services of sterilization in subcontracting following 2 technologies: ethylene oxide and moist heat.

  To answer the requirements of good practice of moist heat sterilization, we have create a space adapted furthermore of 150m ² completely isolated and ventilated: reception area, non sterile loading zone separated from the sterile down loading area, and overwrapping space.


Espace sterilisation vapeur STERISERVICES

STERISERVICES, is certified by the LNE / GMed for this activity:

- Validation cycle sterilization according to the ISO 17665,

- Sterilization cycle routine with supply of a certificate process available on our web site,

- Treatment of decontamination by the moist heat.



General technical specifications :


Our autoclave last generation for a total volume of 830 liters, offers you a useful capacity about 500 liters.


-  Two doors sterilizers,

- Double recording of the sterilization parameters.

- Realization of 3 different type of cycles:


  • Solid cycle
  • Liquid cycle
  • Ventilated air/moisture



Each of these three cycles are perfectly configurable to adapt itself at best to products and to various contraints which are associated with it.

Stérilisateur vapeur



For any information do not hesitate to get in touch with us from now on.