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Industrial ultrasound cleaning

Worried of diversifying its offer, we set up complementary activity for all services of medical devices packaging.


We have decided to develop an offer of ultrasounds cleaning in our controled area for medical device.


This technologies is recognized for its good qualities and reliability. It so allows us a meticulous cleaning in the most inaccessible zones.


The advantages of the cleaning by ultrasounds:


  • Quality of result superior at all techniques of cleaning, especially for complex parts and irregular surfaces,
  • No product deterioration during the treatement by this method,
  • No manual cleaning (scratching, brushing),
  • Saving of time: fast and automatic cleaning,
  • Ecological: cleaning with aqueous solution  constitute a low concentration of detergent products

This new equipment we relied by the company AMSONIC ® recognized on the market for its seriousness and its knowledge industrialist.


We choose 4 tanks station. This station has 1 washing tank, 2 rinsing tanks, and 1 drying tank.


amsonic 4 tanks



This activity is included in our LNE/GMED certification.